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Weaving & Carpet Finishing process

The Process of fabricating carpets. Carepet weaving technique is not just a mechanical process, the weaver rather weaves within its threads the history of his cultural tradition. Every single weaved [...]

Carpet Weaving techniques

Weaving carpets requires definite skills and a certain level of expertise on the part of the weaver. There have been different types of weaving techniques that can be used to [...]

About the Carpet Factory

Carpet Factory Rupesh Kumar & Sons – A Legacy in itself. Our Work Ethics and Work Environment To all those who value craftsmanship and luxury, we are pleased to announce [...]

How I know about Indian Carpets

HISTORY Indian Carpets has become the epitome of luxury flooring in India. Most of us are familiar with carpets produced in Bhadohi region of Uttar Pradesh, India. Indian carpets are [...]

How to care carpet: A comprehensive guide

Carpets date back to times before colonization but the carpet factories mushroomed in past few decades in India. Since then, the carpet industry has come a long way, and now [...]

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