The Process
The complete process

1. Choose your Design, Texture, Color, Size, Material.

2. Give a confirmation on the CAD.

3. We will provide you a Strike-off if you need it.

4. Let our skilled weaver’s do their expert job.

In case you need a Strike-off we will make it to get your approval and once the Strike-off is approved the weaver’s initiate the process of creating the full-sized Custom Rug you had ordered. The entire process may take between 30-120 days or even more depending on the size, weave, color’s & design complexity of your rug.

You Design the Carpet
You design the carpet

The Custom Rug Program is a simple way to create your unique idea about the sizes, colors, textures and designs of your choice and convert those ideas into reality.

Since this an Custom Order everything and anything about the rug is as per your requirement all that we actually do is help you in the process of creating your beautiful rug.

Custom Completed
Custom Completions.

Below attached are some of the Custom Projects that we have delivered for our clients overseas.



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