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The most luxurious thing that the mughals left in their rein is carpets in India. The style of having luxury carpet in homes and office never went out of style and has sustained the test of time and evolved with it to give new varieties and patterns. With modernization, commercial carpet and carpet stores have received a big boost and though a bit easy to make are also priced lower than the handmade ones. Still, there is a huge demand for luxury carpets and buyers prefer shopping them in carpets store.

Our rugs are handcrafted by skilled craftsman with a sharp eye for details and finishing to rollout carpets that run for generations. Although on floor, our designs and innovations turn these rugs into new embellishments to add luxury to your home décor. To promote the same we launched the best carpets store, at least in Delhi and Gurgaon. Considered as the most regarded manufacturer and exporter of rugs and carpets in Delhi, our carpets come at an unmatchable quality and affordable prices. Valued for craftsmanship and artistic accomplishment, our rugs are prized collections worldwide. They are a superb combination of contemporary designs with futuristic imagination providing unparallel level of luxury and style.

A Point to be remembered is that the office carpet and living room carpets vary in style and fiber used to make them. Our experienced staff at our carpets store helps you make the right decision and get you the carpet rugs that suit your requirement best. We are proud carpet suppliers of many multinational companies and our wool carpets are best known in the region.

Our foreign residing clients purchase our rugs and carpets online, where all our product lines are fully available with same level of service and quality assurance. In fact our online carpet deals are most sought after and generate good traffic and numbers for us to which we stand highly obliged. With over 5000 highly appreciated designs in our carpets store, we bet that you will find many rugs that will hold your room together.